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December 18, 2006


Nick Bradbury

Karyn, having been through a similarly scary surgery, I share your joy (and relief) at looking back and seeing how well you recovered.

And I also found yoga to be enormously helpful in speeding my recovery, although it wasn't without a few embarrasing face-plants :)

Caron Ellis

Karyn --

It's been almost 13 years since my spinal fusion, so I can really identify with your story. It took me about a year to feel back to normal, but I was painfree from the moment I woke up from surgery. My fusion is from T4-S1, also for scoliosis. Best wishes on your new lease on life.


I have DDD at T12-L3 with the worst of it at L1-L2. It has caused horrible pain for almost a year now. I have tried yoga, PT, acupuncture, massage, nerve epidurals (three of them), facet joint injections (two) and of course pain killers. The oxycontin has been fine for dulling the pain, but not eliminating it. Plus, of course, who doesn't worry about addicition? I start at a pain clinic next month, but I have really wanted to avoid surgery and now I think it may be only way out of the pain. What has been your expierence?

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